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de prisoner a young French sergeant, and, s▓truck by his appearance, personal▓ly directed his wounds to be dress▓ed.Many years after, when the vict

orious▓ French, under Marshal Bernadotte▓, entered Hanover, Wagenheim, ●by that time an aged general, attended his lev●ée.Bernado

tte asked him if he r▓ecollected the wounded French sergeant t●o whom he had been so kind at C●uddalore.The general replied i

n the affirmativ▓e.“That young sergeant,” r▓eplied the future king of Sweden, ●“was the person who has now the h▓onour to address y


ou, and who rejoices i▓n having this public opportunity of ackn▓owledging his debt of gratitude to General Wage●nheim.” H

/ nheim ▓


of the 15t h Hanove rian Regim ent ma▓
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